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Professional DJ Equipment

I am 100% dedicated in using only the best in professional sound and lighting equipment on the market.  Further, I am constantly keeping equipment upgraded and maintained to ensure you will be supplied with the best out there without any hassle or worry of failure.

Main Reception & Event SoundSystem

  • Sound – QSC K12 Speakers 1000 Watts each  x2
  • Subwoofer - QSC KSub 1000 Watts
  • Mixer – Hercules RMX
  • Wireless Microphones - Audio Tecnica AT-2100 Series UHF Systems
  • Computer – Apple Macbook Pro Intel Dual Core, 2.4 GHz, 250 Gb Hard Drive
  • Software – Virtual DJ Professional
  • Hardware – Hercules RMX
  • Table & Skirting are supplied at no charge for all events.

Backup Equipment

 I bring back up equipment to every event.

  • Main Speakers (since each are self powered, they act as a backup to each other)
  • Laptop Computer
  • Software – Visiosonic PCDJ FX, Full Version2nd Ext. Hard Drive - (full music Library Back-up)
  • Wireless Microphone Transmitter and Receiver
  • Wired Microphone, handheld
  • Full supply of cables, connectors and accessories - not only for backup and emergencies, but for interfacing to other vendors, bands, musicians, etc.

Ceremony / Remote / 2nd System

  • Fender Passport Pro Audio PA System
  • CD Player(s) or iPod Interface
  • Audio Tecnica ATW-2100 Wireless Lapel Mic x2
  • Audio Technica ATW-2100 Wireless Handheld x1
  • Standard Wired Microphones (Up to 2 additional)
  • Remote Battery / Power Pack

This system is used mostly for Wedding Ceremonies or 2nd area of sound for Cocktail Hours or similar.

Lighting & Effects

Standard supply

Dancefloor lighting is included in every package (when applicable)

  • American DJ Mini-Gressor Disco Lights x2
  • American DJ Starball II

Additional Options

  • Chauvet Abyss DMX (Water Effect)
  • American DJ Flame Lamps x2
  • Smoke Machines

Note: Not all lighting is included in every package.

Uplighting & Special Effects

  • Lighting can add beautiful and sensual effects for your reception or party.
  • Gobo/Monogram Projectors & Services

About DJ Ramses Ramirez and 7Ram Events and Productions

Ramses' eclectic background is what separates him from other DJs and has helped him provide outstanding DJ Service.  A Southwest native, he was intrigued with technical, audio and video specialties as a child, and that interest led to his entry into the club DJ and music scene.

Why Weddings and Events?

After working 15 years in the "corporate world,"  Ramses  ultimately combined his love of music with his organizational talents (graduated from the University of Texas at El Paso and currently a manager at AT&T) to form 7Ram Events and Productions in 2010, knowing that his strength would be his outgoing, friendly and engaging personality.

About The Biz

7Ram Events and Productions is active in the community, fully licensed and insured, maintains the highest degree of professionalism. Ramses has provided professional DJ and MC services to several weddings and corporate events, utilizing a unique blend of talent, charisma, structure and entertainment.

7Ram Events and Productions
McKinney, TX 75070
(469) 742 0859

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